Using your new Handy Tool cable pulling guide is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Slide the patented Handy Tool guide over the i-beam or column flange as shown in figure 1.  Make sure magnetic connection is made. 

2. Use thumb screw or beam clamps for non-magnetic permanent installations.

3. For non-metallic ( magnetic) surfaces, such as wood, attach the guide by inserting wood screws through the top and bottom plates of the guide.

You have arrived at  the website of the most innovative tool yet invented for the building trades.  A tool that will eliminate the need for costly and time consuming pulleys and labor when taking those line runs through and around the ceiling joists. Simply insert the Handy Tool either magnetically or with a couple of screws where you need to run the cable and pull it though effortlessly and smoothly.  Invented by an electrician to help himself get his jobs done faster, saving both he and his employer's time and saving the customer money.
Figure 1